termination of pregnancy

Termination of pregnancy

termination of pregnancy

How is medical abortion done?

safe abortion pills

You are given abortion termination medicine to take orally by the clinician. This is the medication that empties your uterus. You will probably start to have strong cramps and bleeding, similar to a heavy period. Pain medicine or a heating pad can help with the cramps.

In some rare situations the abortion may not happen. In such a situation you will need to take another dose of medicine

How can you terminate a pregnancy?

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1. Medical abortion which is discussed above is the most common and safest way to terminate a pregnancy. It is safe because pills (tablets) designed to terminate pregnancies are used. These pills are very effective to end unwanted pregnancy in the comfort of your home.

When you use these pills to end a pregnancy all you will see is your normal menstrual cycle and you are done. If you are slightly late you will also see clots. The bleeding will be heavy and then it reduces and before you know it your pregnancy has ended and you go back to your normal life.

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To keep discomfort to a minimum, you can choose any of the many relaxation methods including pre-operative medications to help ease cramping and nitrous oxide gas for a calming effect. The doctor also uses a local anesthesia to lessen the discomfort associated with dilation of the cervix. Additionally, there is an IV sedation, which encourages a very relaxed feeling that may even make you feel sleepy. You also have the option of receiving Valium, which allows you to feel more comfortable during the procedure.

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